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Join us at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, OH, on Jan. 9-10, 2019 for the
5th annual Ohio Craft Brewers Conference. Packed with educational seminars, featured speakers, industry vendors and awesome networking opportunities. Whether you work for an operating brewery, have a brewery in planning or are a craft beer industry vendor, there’s sure to be something for everyone…and a few craft beers too!

Interested in going to the conference on Jan. 9th and 10th?


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

8 a.m. – 8 p.m.: Trade show set-up at the Hyatt Regency Columbus (350 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215)


OCBA Quarterly Member Meeting

Seventh Son Brewing (1101 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43201)

3 – 4 p.m.: Voting Members Meeting

4 – 5:30 p.m.: OCBA Member Meeting


Evening Activities

Shuttle loop serving Downtown, Short North, Arena District and Franklinton breweries provided by Short North Trolley 7 – 11:30 p.m.

5:30 – 7 p.m.: Official OCBA Reception immediately following the Quarterly Member Meeting at Seventh Son Brewing. Sponsored by 3-HabAlfa LavalBerlin PackagingBSG Craft BrewingHunter ConsultingLibartLive Oak BankMalt HandlingOrigin MaltsRay Brewery InsuranceSikaSterling Process Engineering and System Plast. (1101 N. 4th St.)

7 – 9 p.m.: North High Brewing – David Bowie Birthday Bash / Stardust to Stardust Release. A birthday party to make any Starman proud – Stardust to Stardust Imperial IPA release, taproom only Stardust variants, live music and limited edition Stardust posters available. OCBA members receive $1 off drafts with conference badge. Sponsored by Berlin Packaging. (1288 N. High St., Columbus 43201)

7 – 10 p.m.: Pretentious Barrel House industry-only event (free admission with Conference badge includes one complimentary pint). Food truck on premises until 10 p.m. and free-play skeeball all night. (745 Taylor Ave., Columbus)

7 p.m. – midnight: Barley’s Brewing Company – 15% off bill for anyone with a conference lanyard (467 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

8 – 11 p.m.: Brewcadia – Ohio Tap Takeover Pinball and Pizza Party! Free pinball and pizza with conference badge. (Upstairs at 467 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ohio Craft Brewers Conference 2019 – Day 1

Hyatt Regency Columbus (350 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215)


7:30 – 9 a.m.: Breakfast and registration/badge pickup in Regency Ballroom Foyer


8 a.m. – 6 p.m.: Exhibit Hall Hours


8 – 11 a.m.: Breakfast Beverage Bar


9 a.m. – 1 p.m.:  Ohio Division of Liquor Control available for questions at table #7


9 – 10 a.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Welcome address with Mary MacDonald, OCBA Executive Director and Collin Castore, Seventh Son Brewing, OCBA Board President
Keynote Speaker: Tom Shellhammer Professor of Fermentation Science, Oregon State University, “Rethinking the contributions of hops to beer flavor”
Hops play a significant role in beer flavor and quality. This speech focuses on hop components that influence the bitterness quality of beer as well has beer shelf life. The quality of hop bitterness is a subtle but powerful driver of beer quality and contributes significantly to the “drinkability” of the final product.


10 – 10:45 a.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Partnering with a Wholesaler or Self-distribution; What’s Right for Your Brewery? with Dennis Kramer-Wine, Rhinegeist, Brady Duncan, MadTree Brewing Company and Bobby Slattery, Fifty West Brewing Company
Some breweries choose the path of self-distribution, some choose a wholesaler and some start as a self-distributor and move to a wholesaler sometime later.  The panelists will walk through each of their different paths and lessons learned as they grow into further markets. 

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Brand Building in Real Time: Sharing Your Story and Building a Brand Across Different Media Platforms with Adam Ritterspach and Marissa DeSantis, Great Lakes Brewing Company
This presentation will discuss sharing your story and building a brand across different media platforms with real life examples from Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): TTB Confidential: Tips and Insights from an Agency Insider with James Niekamp, Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP
This presentation will focus on the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (“TTB”) with an aim to shed light on many unknown and confusing areas of federal alcohol regulations.  We will also discuss tips and regulatory pitfalls in dealing with TTB, as well as how to ensure that you properly strive for compliance.


11 – 11:45 a.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Creating a Learning Culture Around Beer with Mike Williams and Mike Buckley, Great Lakes Brewing Company
This presentation will emphasize educating within and developing a company of brand ambassadors who will help grow your business through a shared knowledge and passion for learning about beer.

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Alternative ways to raise Start-Up Capital- Crowdfunding and Founders Clubs with Ali and Jon Hovan, HiHO Brewing Co.
After being denied by multiple banks for traditional loans Ali and Jon Hovan had to find creative ways to raise capital. Learn about how they raised over $140,000 through creating their own micro-loan program “The Founders Club” and creating a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): Managing your Barrels: Sourcing Growth on a Budget and Building it into an Award-Winning Program with Chris Davison, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Company, Jason Brewer and Jared Lewinski, Listermann Brewing Company
Managing a barrel program can be a lot of work and a lot of risk. Doing it right begins with investing in the proper equipment and in good professional relationships. Quality beer, an understanding of the fundamentals, and smart decisions will then help lead that program to an award-winning status. A tight budget doesn’t have to be overly restrictive – it just forces us to be selective and get creative.


12 – 2 p.m.: TRADE SHOW TIME (Regency Ballroom + Foyer)


12:45 – 2 p.m.: Lunch in Franklin Room


2 – 2:45 p.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Demystifying Sensory of Raw Materials with Rebecca Jennings assisted by Sara Hagerty and Whitney Thompson, Origin Malts and Roy Johnson, John I. Haas, Inc.
Hands on sensory of raw materials using ASBC hot steep method for malt and the Kostelecky Method for hops, incorporating a live presentation of sensory results via Draughtlab. Make sure to have downloaded the free app and become familiar with it before this session.

Fundamentals Room (Madison): CIP (Clean in Place): How to verify and document clean? with Larry Reuter, Ecolab
Clean-In-Place (CIP) is the main form of cleaning in the brewery whether it is the Brew System Kettles, Fermenters, Bright Tanks, or Keg Washing. In this presentation you will discover different CIP types & designs, what an effective CIP will do for you, how to Trouble Shoot CIP issues, verification of CIP performance, validation of a CIP system’s performance, the difference between verification and validation, where to look and what to PM.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): What to Know When you Want to Make More Than Beer with Adam Armstrong and Kevin Connell, Ohio Beer Counsel
We’ll discuss the reasons why your brewery may want to make more than beer and the steps to take to plan for and submit permit applications to the TTB and State of Ohio.


3 – 3:45 p.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Data & Dashboards Deconstructed: Initiate an Actionable, Sustainable Strategy with Jack McCraine, Firm Director of Baker Tilly and Mike Gramins, Craft Brewery Sales Director of Boelter Beverage
Discover what, why and how to effectively forecast operational performance, sales and bottom line financials—key to every brewery’s health and competitive edge in a maturing market. We’ll break down complicated components into simple steps in order to understand, evaluate and interpret data and ultimately carry out a practical, fact-based approach for achieving growth.

Fundamentals Room (Madison): The Path to Success…Non-Brewing Water Use with Rudy Othmer and Gary Macmann, Enerco Corporation and Doug Beedy, Elevator Brewing Company
In this presentation we will discuss the uses of water in a brewery other than that which is actually used in the beer itself. The focus will be on your brewery start up and planning for water use. Water and its characteristics can have a big impact on your cleaning and sanitizing program, and maintaining your steam boiler and cooling systems.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): Centrifuge Applications for Breweries with Joakim Gustafsson, Alfa Laval Brewery Technology, John Haggerty, Warped Wing Brewing Company and Mark Hunger, Great Lakes Brewing Company
The purpose of this presentation is to provide a general overview of centrifugal separators for Brewery processes, offering something for both those that know nothing about separators, and more advanced users. The talk would include: theory on centrifugal separation principles; the different types of separators seen in Brewery processes; a discussion on common features, options or configurations of separators; and an overview of centrifuge applications in Brewery processes.


4 – 6:30 p.m.: Trade Show Time and Happy Hour in Regency Ballroom/Exhibit Hall

6:30 – 11 p.m.: Trade Show tear-down/load-out


Evening Activities

Shuttle loop serving Downtown, Short North, Arena District and Franklinton breweries provided by Short North Trolley 6:30 – 11:30 p.m.

4 – 6:30 p.m.: Official OCBA Happy Hour on trade show floor in Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Beer generously provided by participating breweries (see above). Beer booth sponsors: Briess Malt & IngredientsMiami Valley Draft ServicesOhio Beverage InsuranceProforma Graphic ServicesSchaefer ContainerSprinkman Brewing SystemsSystem Plast and Tripack. (350 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

6:30 – 9 p.m.: Elevator Brewing Company – Experimental hop tasting. $2 pints for anyone with a conference lanyard. (165 N. 4th St., Columbus 43215)

6:30 – 9 p.m.: Sideswipe Brewing – $1 off pints with conference badge. (2419 Scioto Harper Dr., Columbus 43204)

6:30 – 9 p.m: The Hickory Room at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing – Raise a pint with head brewers Jayson Hartings of Yellow Springs and Chris Davison of Wolf’s Ridge who will be on hand to celebrate the tapping of their new NEIPA. Complimentary pint to first 100 badge holders courtesy of LD Carlson, souvenir glass sponsored by Grandstand. (215 N. 4th St., Columbus 43215)

7 p.m. – midnight: Barley’s Brewing Company – 15% off bill for anyone with a conference lanyard. (467 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

7 – 9 p.m.: Brewcadia – Bourbon Barrel Beer Tapping sponsored by LD Carlson. 5 bourbon barrel beers. All Ohio Tap Takeover. Complimentary appetizers & free souvenir glass with OCBA Conference badge. (Upstairs at 467 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

7:30 p.m.: Land-Grant Brewing Company and BMI present a special performance by Nashville-based folk/rock band Liz Cooper & The Stampede. First 75 conference attendees that show their badge get their first beer free courtesy of BMI. (424 W. Town St., Columbus 43215)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ohio Craft Brewers Conference 2018 – Day 2

Hyatt Regency Columbus (350 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215)


8:30 – 10 a.m.: Registration/badge pickup – County Foyer


10 – 10:45 a.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Keynote Speaker: Fans, Hands, and Brands: Strategies and Tactics for Being Inclusive and Building Diversity in Craft Beer with Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Diversity Ambassador, Brewers Association
What do a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, a colony of ants, and a recipe for a brown ale have in common?  In the real world, very little. But in Dr. J.’s talk, this eclectic list of common objects will inspire attendees to rethink how we approach diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry. In this interactive presentation, Dr. J. will open the door for an honest and judgement-free conversation about the realities of authentically reaching populations that are underrepresented among beers drinkers and brewery employees. Though there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the many different challenges organizations face when seeking to diversify, this talk will use established best practices, craft brewing industry data, insights from social-science, and consumer research to help attendees begin to craft individualized plans for aligning inclusive practices and diversity outcomes with their overall organizational goals.


11 – 11:45 a.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): How to Create, Organize and Run Unique and Large Scale Beer Events with Bobby Slattery and Max Fram, Fifty West Brewing Company
We will give some shining examples of how creative minds combined with event execution can help grow your business. As a result our unique events, we have been able to forge stronger partnerships with major retailers, other breweries, sponsors, the city, media outlets as well as create new opportunities for our future. We believe can help other breweries grow their brand and business who might have an idea or be interested in launching a large event. Topics covered would include but not be limited to preplanning financially, selling sponsorships, promoting and marketing the event, buying beer, event layout, event equipment rental, executing day of the event and even leveraging the event to create retailer programming.

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Understanding Malt Analysis with Andrew Martahus, Haus Malts and Rebecca Jennings, Origin Malts
Understanding Malt Analysis is a brief description and explanation of common terms found on a Certificate of Analysis. Using example analyses, we will discuss normal ranges, how to address small and large variances, and oppositional specs.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): FSMA- How Does it Effect a Brewery? with Tatiana Lorca, PhD, Ecolab
Do breweries have to comply with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)? YES! Why? Because FSMA includes alcoholic beverages in its definition of foods and thus for the first time brings breweries, wineries, cider producers and distilleries under direct FDA regulation without affecting TTB authority.  FSMA was signed into law in January of 2011 and FDA-regulated businesses have started compliance in late 2016. The law represents one of the most sweeping reforms of our food safety laws in more than 70 years, aiming to ensure the safety of the US food supply and thus public health by requiring domestic and foreign processors (exporting product to the US) to proactively manage food safety and food defense hazards associated with the manufacture and transport of FDA-regulated food products. This presentation will provide an overview of FSMA, concentrating on the parts of the law that apply to breweries regardless of the size of their operation.

Fermentation Room (Morrow): Diastaticus: Detection and Characterization with Nate Gibbon, Omega Yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus is a potent beer spoilage organism that can cause off flavors, over-attenuation, and even exploding packaged product. The threat posed by diastaticus species is further enhanced by the difficulty in detecting these strains using traditional brewing quality protocols. In response to this industry-wide issue, we have spent the last two years developing and testing methods for the detection and characterization of S. cervevisiae var. diastaticus. This seminar will present our findings and what they mean in the context of the modern craft brewery.


12 – 12:45 p.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): Making Clean Barrel Aged Beers with Brad Clark, Director of Brewing Operations, Jackie O’s Brewery
An in-depth look at how to create and effectively package clean barrel aged beers. Equipment, techniques, lab procedures, and ingredients will be discussed from a practical viewpoint to ensure that brewers are getting the most consistent, efficient, and clean barrel aged products.

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Human Resources 101 with Betty Bollas, Fibonacci Brewing Company
It can be hard to open or manage a brewery especially without having human resources experience. Even if you have some of the basics in place, many breweries and other employers get many of those basics wrong or don’t. This session best suits brewery owners and those who manage staff.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): Pouring Profit: Maximizing Draught System Knowledge to Maximize Sales with Adam Pratt, MadTree Brewing and Matthew Bee, Micro-Matic
Learn the importance of draught system technical knowledge in creating a consultative beer sales force within your organization while increasing your value to your draught accounts. Matt and Adam draw on the draught quality standards set forth by the Brewers Association ( http://www.draughtquality.org/ ); illustrate the real world application of these standards during sales meetings with accounts; and demonstrate the increased profitability of clean & efficient draught systems by utilizing interactive pricing & markup worksheets.

Fermentation Room (Morrow): Managing employee safety in craft brewery operations with Keith Bullock, OSHA On-Site Consultation Program, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
This presentation covers emerging issues related to OSHA Alliance with the craft brewery industry in Ohio. Issues that include, the common craft brewery hazards that you may be overlooking – and simple ways to correct them. Also, the importance of a written safety program and the assistance in developing one (specific to your brewery). Lastly, reviewing several past accidents sharing the lessons learned. Considering “what if” events, to help you minimize risk and liabilities.


12:45 – 2 p.m.: Lunch in Franklin Room


2 – 2:45 p.m.:

Main Room (Delaware): The Flavor Leadership Criteria for Beer and How to Measure It with Dr. Roy Desrochers, Tufts University (note: 2 hour presentation)
Craft beer drinkers have changing expectations for beer flavor but overall demand quality. Linking ingredients such as hops to the changing needs of craft beer drinkers is critical to the success of the brewer and the farmer, but is difficult to do. Brewers know what they want to buy and use but often provide limited direction to farmers. Without a focus on craft beer drinkers, hop farmer success is at risk. Technology exists to help farmers, and brewers, generate much needed information to continue to produce the right products. This interactive taste and aroma presentation will include: The basics of sensory analysis: differentiating basic tastes from aromatics and mouthfeels (interactive); General Aroma Classifications that are important to consumers (interactive); Typical hops aromas that are important to craft beer drinkers (Interactive); The Flavor Leadership Criteria (Slides-Past Experience); Sensory Directed Chemical Analysis Overview (slides-case study); and Helping the Farmer: Understanding Potential Critical Factors Driving Quality Index (slides-proposed)

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Panel: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Opened a Brewery with Jimmy Stockwell, Little Fish Brewing, Collin Castore, Seventh Son Brewing and John Haggerty Warped Wing Brewing Company

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): All Trails Lead to Beer! Capturing Trail Town Tourism with Chris Hutson, Yellow Springs Brewery and Eric Oberg, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
With the growth of trail popularity and craft breweries in the state, we are seeing more crossover of the two than ever before. Join us a we take a look at tangible examples of capturing trail town tourism, economic development, business growth and partnership opportunities when you combine a love of ales and trails!

Fermentation Room (Morrow): What’s trending in Hops?  Nationally and in Ohio with Derek Thompson, OSHY Hops, Mike McCoy, Bolivar Brothers Farm & Hopyard and Roy Johnson, John I. Haas, Inc.
We will track shifts in consumer preferences in hop profiles – from pine to citrus, herbal to tropical. We’ll explore lower-cost and locally grown alternatives to patented hops like Citra, Simcoe and others.  We will discuss how the flavor/aroma profile of many of the popular (but expensive) patented hops can be substituted with hops that are growing well in Ohio, as well as updates on experimental Ohio bred hops. Full national hops report from Roy Johnson.


3 – 3:45 p.m.:

Fundamentals Room (Madison): Malt Wizarding 101 Panel with Sara Hagerty, Origin Malts, Andy Farrell, Bell’s Brewery, Jason McKibben, North High Brewing, and Joe Thorner, Brew Detroit
Some of the items the panel will be ready to address are: How does a brewery assure that new materials are assessed thoroughly so that integration into recipes can be strategic? What simple steps can be taken when assessing milling, brewing, and lab work results to provide a cohesive overview of efficiency? What risks can result if malt efficiency is not assessed? This presentation will call out the often over looked holes in operations when it comes to malt efficiency and malt handling.

Special Topics Room (Fairfield): Sustainability Panel with Kevin Ely, Wooly Pig Farm Brewery, Austin Hietpas, MadTree Brewing, Jamie Sipps, HiHO Brewing Co., Vincent Valentino, Land-Grant Brewing, and Sean White, Little Fish Brewing
Our panel is a group of individuals from Ohio breweries who are excited to help promote sustainable brewery operations.  We are a diverse group hailing from small and large breweries as well as urban and rural communities. 

Fermentation Room (Morrow): Dry-Hop Creep: Understanding the Enzyme Potential of Hops and How it Can Impact Beer Quality with Victor Pool, Columbus Brewing Company
This presentation will briefly discuss the current literature covering hop-derived glycolytic enzymes and why these enzymes impact beer quality. These enzymes can cause the breakdown of nonfermentable beer dextrins to glucose and maltose and subsequent refermentation by yeast. This can lead to increased concentrations of vicinal diketones (VDK), alcohol, and CO2 post dry hopping. Data will be presented on real extract (RE) decrease and VDK increase post dry hopping and how these are impacted by dry hopping process. In addition to production data, data from a small benchtop trial will be presented. The effect on yeast management, tank residency, and dry hopping processes will also be discussed. Finally, a data driven approach to dry hop process changes to mitigate the effects of dry-hop creep will be covered.


Extracurricular Activities

11 a.m. – midnight: Barley’s Brewing Company – 15% off bill for anyone with a conference lanyard (467 N. High St., Columbus 43215)

4 – 9 p.m.: The District Pourhouse – “Some of My Favorite Beers” with Brad Clark of Jackie O’s. 15% off food and drink with OCBA Conference badge. (1568 N. High St., Columbus 43201)

4 – 9 p.m.: Elevator Brewing Company – $2 pints for anyone with a conference lanyard. (165 N. 4th St., Columbus 43215)

4 – 9 p.m.: Sideswipe Brewing – $1 off pints with conference badge. (2419 Scioto Harper Dr., Columbus 43204)


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